• Planning and construction of facilities
    We plan to build our systems and make attentions to the local conditions and we adjust all the equipment to your needs.
  • Deliberations
    Our advice extends not only to the field of plant construction, we can advise you on waterway permits, dealing with authorities create water rights requests and accept authorities calls for our customers.
  • Maintenance
    Systems should be regularly checked and maintained, with a service contract you are on the safe side.
  • Analytics
    Most ingredients in wastewater we can analyze in our laboratory itself for you or we provide the sample in a suitable laboratory for analysis.
  • Montages
    The assembly of our systems, we do it yourself also several alterations to their existing installations can be done by us for you
    This includes the entire electrical field.
  • Disposal of sewage
    We take over the disposal of your industrial wastewater for you.
  • Regeneration of ion exchange resins
    All regenerable resins we can prepare professionally for you.

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